#SPORKS is hosted on the 'mWtNet',mWare Technologies Network. There are three two many servers available to use, but you are encouraged to use the round-robin "".
There are three ways to connect to the network:

Using a local client:
Some client suggestions: You probably will be ridiculed for using mIRC or Trillian.

Using the Java client:

If you do not have the means or are unable to install a client choose this option. Just click here, fill in your identity info and connect! If you use a public computer this option is for you.
Note: You must have a java enabled browser. Some firewalls may prevent this type of connection. Try the CGI Web Gateway if a firewall is a problem.

Using the CGI/Web Gateway:

This is the option for those of you who are behind restrictive firewalls. Your connection is established from the webserver, so just dynamic webpages are presented to you on standard ports. You can also use the encrypted mode if you want your activities kept private.

If you are still confused, please read about IRC at's FAQ.
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