The rules of #SPORKS (yes, we gotta have 'em):
  1. Civility. We are intelligent beings, let's act as such.
  2. No sexually explicit or harassing, racial, or generally recognized hate speech will be allowed.
  3. Respect the channel operators. (And everyone else) Request for ops will probably get you kick/banned, just for irritating the ops.
  4. Don't mess with The TimeFysh. Immediate ban will result.
  5. No coloured or stylized text. Auto kick.
  6. No channel flooding, unless necessary and pre-empted with a FLOOD WARNING. (ASCII art is generally frowned on)
  7. Cursing is allowed when called for, but it is a privilege. Use with moderation.
  8. No unauthorized bots allowed. Bots that are in place are there for a reason, others are not needed.
  9. Stats-biasing is stupid. And blatant, and annoying. Don't do it.
  10. No nick spoofing. At all.
  11. Nobody is interested in talking with someone who is drunk or under the influence of some drug, etc...
  12. The public channels on mWtNet are not a place for exchanging less-than-legal data.
  13. Ab qrpbqvat naq eroebnqpnfgvat EBG13 yvarf
  14. Please limit your nick changes. Use the /away command to indicate status
Any rules here and those not written here are at the discretion of the operators. Their word is final. If you respect the rules, #SPORKS will be a better place.
If you're not sure if you're breaking the rules or not, consider if it would pass on UserFriendly.
If you have a problem with anyone on the channel, take it up with one of the ops. If you have a problem with one of the ops, talk to Myke. Do not take it out on the other participants, servers, networks etc... That will just get you blackholed.
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